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1% Earnings Tax Passed On Ordinance O-2008-44?

   I was reading the Record of Proceedings for September 8th, 2008 because that is the day the 1.1% Income/Earnings tax was passed by Council so they could put a Resolution on the ballot allowinf us to vote on the tax. That Resolution was R-2008-06. These Ordinances were dated 08/04/2008.

   As I am reading through the pages looking for the information I needed I noticed a heading titled "O-2008-44 Earnings Tax". Well I knew O-2008-61 by heart so I read the verbiage of the minutes. The next four images are what I read.

   I can't believe what I am reading. Two motions to impose the 1% income tax without a vote by the residents!!! The only difference between the two is Mitchell does not want to give all residents a half a point break, just those who work outside Amelia who already pat a minicipal tax.

   If you count all the yeas on both motions they all voted yea for the income tax.

   Well I then went to the Village website to see what O-2008-44 said. As you can see below the Ordinance has been left out.

   I am getting a little suspicious now. So I drive over to the Library to see if there is a copy of O-2008-44 in the Ordinance book. Well there was but it wasn't what I expected. See for yourself below!

   Now I am more than a little suspicious, I am a lot suspicious!

   Two motions to impose a 1% income tax. O-2008-44

   O-2008-44 passed

   O-2008-44 not on the Village website

   The Library has a copy of O-2008-44 but it has nothing to do with the tax!

   I don't really know what to say at this point. I am asking the Village solicitor to explain this to me and when I hear back from her I will update this page with the information privided,

   One thing that is quite apparent is that the entire council supports the "IMPOSITION OF THE TAX WITHOUT A VOTE!". We can make that go away if we just dissolve this unnessary level of government!

   Well I was able to talk to the Village Solicitor about this issue and she taught me something about Village government. She pointed out that this was the second reading not passing the ordinance itself. When the ordinance is not used, which I suppose it wasn't, the number can be reused for another ordinance which it was. It's just not on the Village Political Positioning website. I have no answer for that but then the website has always been a mess and continues to be a mess.

   What this does point out is what council was thinking before they saw the writing on the wall and decided to change directions! We will be taxed! Let's end this threat by dissolving this mess at 44 W Main now!


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