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Breach Of Contract By Union Township Fire/EMS Department?

   The following is a letter that I sent to Laura Abrams today. It describes some information that I believe may be a violation of our contract with the Union Township Fire/EMS Department. At best at least the public will be aware of the fact that Station 52 on Bach-Buxton Road is not staffed as we would have expected. Read it for yourselves.

March 12th, 2009

Laura Abrams
Amelia Village Solicitor
44 W Main Street
Amelia, Ohio 45102

Dear Laura:

I had previously asked someone in the Amelia Village Administration how the conditions of the contract with the Union Township Fire/EMA department were measured in order to determine whether or not they were living up to our contract with them. I canít remember who it was I asked but thatís not important. I did not receive a satisfactory answer to my question or request so I decided to try to find out myself.

I had a copy of the contract and there was nothing in the material that I had but there was a reference to Exhibit A, is the Union Township Fire & EMS Service Proposal. Union Township will provide Fire and EMS service as set forth in the proposalÖ. Please refer to my attached
Exhibit A.

Ok, so I found what would define the parameters that I was looking for. So I put another public records request in for not just Union Township but BMOP and Pierce Township proposals as well.

I read through the Union Township proposal and when I got to the page about staffing I was a little dismayed. Our primary station, station 52 was staffed by 2 people most of the time and according to what I was reading there should have been 4. See
Exhibit B.

Another public records request for the staffing records for all stations in 2008 was used to calculate the staffing for station 52, Bach-Buxton Road. I used a spread sheet to calculate as best I could the staffing of station 52. See
Exhibit C.

Additionally I had a phone conversation with Assistant Fire Chief Gary Aufart and he stated to me that most of the time there would only be two fire/EMS personnel on duty there each day and that verified what I had calculated.

Can you explain to me why this would not be a serious violation of our contract with Union Township Fire/EMS Department?

If it is a violation what do you intend to do about it?

Kindest Regards

John M Toren
27 W Main Street
Amelia, Oh 45102





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