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Village Administration - Getting Calls To Remove Signatures

   "We have been getting calls from people who want their signatures removed from the petition."

   This is another one of those hidden deceptions that Ellington and Menz seem to thrive on. Make a mountain out of a mole, sorry bad choice of words, ameoba hill if there is such a thing!

   You see they can say things like this and tell you its the truth but the real truth lies in what they don't bother to tell you!

   We gathered 512 valid signatures of those who wanted to put the dissolution of the Village to a vote. Out of those 512 exactly 3 rescinded their signature. At least that is what public records tell us. These records have the names of the people on them so I am not going to show them. If your interested go to the Administration Building and submit a public records request for these documents.

   Now here is my point. Out of that 512 only 3 took their names off the petition list. THREE!


   That's pretty good if you ask me and certainly a lot closer to the truth than "We have been getting calls from people who want their signatures removed from the petition."

   Lastly I want to add that one of those who removed their name was one of mine. There is an email from Menz to this person. It was sent by Menz and as far as I can tell it was unsolicited from the recipient. I am guessing from the content that he saw the name on the petitions and used that to get to the person and try to discredit us. Again, I am not going to disclose the information because it has names and email addresses on it but I will say that I intend to contact this person and I would not be a bit suprised after I give this person certain information that the dissolution vote will be yea! Let you know!

   The one thing I absolutely know is that of we get rid of this absurd, archaic and unnessary form of government we won't have to worry about deceptions such as this ever again!


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