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Who Else In The Administration Wants The Income Tax?

   We already know where Ellington and Menz stand on the income tax but how about coouncil? After all Ellington and Menz have no vote but Council sure does. Following these remarks you will see excerpts from the minutes of the Council meeting of September 4th, 2008. O-2008-44 was the second reading of the tax ordinance and was removed and replaced by O-2008-61, the final tax ordinance supposedly created to allow us to vote on the tax issue.

   If your interested just click 1% Earnings Tax Passed On Ordinance O-2008-44? to read the details so far. In the meantime just take a look at the following excerpts from the minutes.

   I am going to use the names on both motions since a yea on either means a vote for the IMPOSITION, NO RESIDENT VOTE, of the income tax. So let's see:

   Campbell - nay

   Mitchell - yea

   Parker - yea

   Rosser - yea

   Tasch - yea

   Troxell - yea

   Having seen this I couldn't help but think back about what Ellington had to say in the excuse letter he used to follow up the threat letter of August 11th, 2008. Let's read what he had to say:

   Pay special attention to paragraph 3, Starts with Third, Council has always.....

   I wonder what O-2008-44 was meant to be. I can only tell you this.


   Let's get rid of them while we have a good chance. If we do we won't ever have to worry about this tax and their practice sessions ever again!


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