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Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Report

What Happened Last Year

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Remove Wainscott Immediately And Retract His Support

   I have submitted the following document to the Village Mayor who I believe has the authority to remove commission members. If he cannot I am sure that he can request Council take action.

-------------------- Begin Document -----------------


   Mayor Ellington:

   Concerning Mr. John Wainscott :

   He has given false information to the Amelia Business Association.

   He has created an atmosphere of the fear of guns being pointed at people within the village.

   He has used violent expressions in newspaper articles, emails and public records requests,

   His continuous use of scandalous name calling has brought threats of a possible law suit against the Village.

   He has given false and inflammatory information to the newspapers.

   Mr. Wainscott should:

   1 - Be immediately removed from his position on the Park Commission.

   2 - The Village should make a public announcement withdrawing any Village support of him and his organization.

   3 - The Village should apologize to all residents for allowing these activities to go without remedy for such a long time.

   John M Toren

   CC: Laura A. Abrams, Esq.
          Amelia Village Solicitor

-------------------- End Document -----------------

   I first print two copies of the document. One for the recipient, in this case Mayor Ellington and I usually provide a copy to the Village Solicitor. I then sign the documents and put them in separate envelopes and seal them,

   If I am going to take them over to 44 W Main I just write the name of the recipient and "from John Toren" on the front of the envelope. I then go over to the Administration building, give them to Juli Wartman, and ask her to see that the recipients get them.

   If I am going to send them regular mail then I address the envelopes, put a stamp on them and drop them off at the Amelia Post Office.

   The Administration Building is at 44 W. Main Street, Amelia Ohio, 45102

   The proper address for the Village Solicitor is:

   Laura A. Abrams, Esq.
   Sirkin, Pinales & Schwartz LLP
   Suite 920
   105 West Fourth Street
   Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

If you agree with my opinion

   and would like to send the message that you are not going to accept this type of behaviour from people associated with your Village Government I have prepared two letters for your convience that you can download and use for your message. These letters are in .rtf(rich text format). Just pick the one that you want to use and click on it.

I am dropping this off at 44 W Main.

I am sending this by regular mail.



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