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Wainscott And The Gun, The Rest Of The Story

   I received a copy of an email from Wainscott to Police Chief Sucher via a public records request and the following is an email I sent to Chief Sucher as a result of Wainscott's Email that is shown at the beginning of my response.


   In case you want the original Wainscott email it is in pdf format and you can see it for yourself by Clicking here.

   I could not believe what I was reading! I know that there is a lot of resentment from those at 44 W Main but at least they have been civil with those of us who are trying to dissolve the Village. They have provided me many public records requests, as required by law, but they did it in a friendly manner under difficult circumstances and I respect them for that. I have never had a problem with the employees of the Village, only the Mayor, Council and the Administrator. In other words the management.

   Now to Wainscott. He as much as implies that if I walk up to his door I risk the possiblility that I will be shot just for exercising my first amendment rights of freedom of speech! I'll be 68 in a couple of months. I have circulatory problems as a result of diabetes. I can't move fast or I will fall over! I do not want to be shot by someone I wouldn't recognize if he were standing next to me nor would I even know if I was at his house,. I have no idea where he lives!

   I am not trying to suggest that he would deliberately shoot me at all. But Wainscott seldom if ever does his homework. That is clearly illustrated in the threat letter he sent to the Amelia Business owners. Click here to view. The latest statistics about accidental gun deaths was 2006 and there were 680 firearm related deaths in the US! So I don't take this lightly! I take it as a real threat. Your opinion may well be different but I will tell you that if someone asks anyone if it is legal to use a gun in the manner he suggests it means he has thought about it or he wouldn't be asking! Brandish a shovel! This is sick!

   The next illustration is the email that I received from Chief.Sucher. Just for the record I received an response from Ellington that just said he would let Sucher handle this so it has no relevance in this discussion.

   Chief Sucher and I had a meeting Tuesday March 10th at 1:00pm to discuss my concerns and review the email I sent him. Chief Sucher first gave me a tour of the Police facility that I enjoyed very much. Then we got down to business.

   He then gave me a copy of his response to Wainscottís email to him. In regard to this response which you will see below Chief Sucher did advise Wainscott that "it would be best not to display a firearm, etc." The document below is he response to Wainscott's concerns.

   I am not a Police Officer nor do I have much knowledge concerning what they can and cannot do unless a real and distinguishable crime is committed so as it ended up I believe that Chief Sucher did all he could at the time.

   Chief Sucher conducted himself with a high degree of professionalism while we discussed my concerns and I do believe he understood what I had to say and why I felt that I had to say it. When it comes to conversation I can "run off at the jaws" with the best of them and I also have to say that he was very patient with me while I vented some things I didnít like about the Administration.

   He asked me some questions as we reviewed my email and when we got to the end he explained to me why he couldnít do some of the things that I suggested.

   I cannot for the life of me remember the conclusion we arrived at concerning whether or not Wainscott was just a blowhard and I am not even sure that we agreed. He was not critical of my concerns at all which I greatly appreciated and in the end I was satisfied that he was or had done his job to the best of his ability.

   Below is Chief Sucher's response to our meeting and the suggestion I made.

   I felt much better after our meeting but I can tell you this. We have lived in Amelia 43 years and we seldom have ever locked our doors. We have gone years without locking them and without any trouble what so ever. But since the day I sent that email to Chief Sucher I have locked my doors every night and thatís something Wainscott has taken away from me. THE TRUST IN WHAT WAS MY COMMUNITY!

   I will probably be locking my doors for the rest of my life unless we can manage to dissolve this Village and it goes without saying Waninscott moves as far away from Amelia as he can possibly get. After all he is going to lose all his friends, his kinship, borrowing to and from his neighbors, et al. He should move anyhow because he be believes that we are turning Amelia into Armageddon and we are plunging the Village into the 9th layer of Hell! If you don't believe me just ask him! I wouldn't want my family to be around here when that stuff happens!


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