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Call For Administrator Menz's Immediate Resignation

   Now before you go any farther I want to tell you that I am not asking the Administration to just dump Menz out into the street. I know from my experience taking petition signatures that there are more than a few of the residents that would like nothing better. He may well deserve it but I might remind every one that Menz and his family are human beings who feel hurt and pain and make mistakes just like the rest of us. I have often used the expression "there but for the grace of God go I" in discussions about individuals who have done a lot worse things than I believe what Menz is guilty of so let us all remember that mercy is a gift from our Creator who meant for us to use it! Let us therefore use it in this instance and leet our Creator judge Menz when it is his time.

   So be aware of this and don't waste your time going any farther because while I am advising the Mayor and council to discharge Menz I am also supporting a more humane way of doing it that just dumping him and his family into the street. This can be done by asking for his resignation.

   You should also keep in mind that over the years Menz has been associated with the Village he accomplished some good things for all of us. Had he continued to so he would not be in this position today.

   Please do not get me wrong. I absolutely feel that his recent transgrations are serious enough that he no longer has the trust of many residents of thei Village and he needs to be discharged.

   I have submitted the following document to the Village Mayor who I believe has the authority to fire the Administrator unconditionally with the majority vote by council.

-------------------- Begin Document -----------------


   Mayor Ellington:

   Concerning Mr. Marc Menz, Village Administrator:

   He has given false information to the Pierce Township Administrator.

   He has encourged one of the council, Mr. Rosser, to create doubt on an issue about their concerns for the pond at Sadona Ridge. It is viewed as a lie by many.

   He was involved in the issuance of the Ramification letter of August 11th, 2008 which by some definitions can be regarded as Electoral Fraud.*

   His has given the public mis-information concerning the Village debt that he certainly must have known this information to be false.

   He has endorsed the debt defined in detail in the August 11th, 2008 ramifications letter that he had to know was not true. The primary example was the Rumpke debt ot $600,000.00 when we had no debt what so ever due to the fact that the remainder of the existing contract debt was covered until October of this year by an existing levy.

   How he was appointed to the Administrator position by a method that has all the earmarks of Cronyism.

   I see no reason to continue.

   Mr. Menz should:

   1 - Be ordered to submit his resignation immediately.

   2 - Work out the terms of his resignation to include a reasonable amount of time for him to find another job. Perhaps he can go back to the place where he worked prior to taking the job as administrator. No other form of compensation is to be provided Mr. Menz once he has obtained other employment.

   If these terms are not acceptable to Mr. Menz then we have no recourse but to request he be fired immediately.

   3 - The Village should apologize to all residents for allowing these activities to go without remedy for such a long time.

   Please keep in mind that this is only my opnion. Others may feel differently and I have no control beyond what I have stated above.

   John M Toren

   CC: Laura A. Abrams, Esq.
          Amelia Village Solicitor

* "Although technically the term 'electoral fraud' covers only those acts which are specifically illegal, the term is sometimes used to describe acts which, although legal, are considered to be morally unacceptable, outside the spirit of electoral laws or in violation of the principles of democracy."

-------------------- End Document -----------------

   I first print two copies of the document. One for the recipient, in this case Mayor Ellington and I usually provide a copy to the Village Solicitor. I then sign the documents and put them in separate envelopes and seal them,

   If I am going to take them over to 44 W Main I just write the name of the recipient and "from John Toren" on the front of the envelope. I then go over to the Administration building, give them to Juli Wartman, and ask her to see that the recipients get them.

   If I am going to send them regular mail then I address the envelopes, put a stamp on them and drop them off at the Amelia Post Office.

   The Administration Building is at 44 W. Main Street, Amelia Ohio, 45102

   The proper address for the Village Solicitor is:

   Laura A. Abrams, Esq.
   Sirkin, Pinales & Schwartz LLP
   Suite 920
   105 West Fourth Street
   Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

If you agree with my opinion

   and would like to send the message that you are not going to accept this type of behaviour from people associated with your Village Government I have prepared two letters for your convience that you can download and use for your message. These letters are in .rtf(rich text format). Just pick the one that you want to use and click on it. If the back icon is on click it instead of close X to return to this page.

I am dropping this off at 44 W Main.

I am sending this by regular mail.



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