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Let's Help Our Employees!

   Look, I cannot speak for either side on this subject but I can speak for myself and some others on my side of the issue who I assure you feel the same as I do about what will happen to the employees at 44 W Main.

   If you think for one minute that it doesnít hurt me to do what I am doing then you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG! I didn't ask for this! The powers to be brought this on themselves with their so called ramifications letter of August 11th, 2008 which was nothing more than an attempt to scare people into not voting to dissolve the Village in the November election! NOTHING MORE THAN THREATS AND FALSEHOODS!

   In an email I sent to a colleague on March 11th I said the following:

   "I wrestle every day and night about the pain I am inflicting on those such as Leroy and Menz. I am a pacifist by choice, in the spirit of Christ I love every human being on earth, even people like Mark Menz who has disgraced this Village government. But he has a sick wife who desperetely needs to be taken care of and it hurts me deeply to attack him. I pray for him and his wife daily. I rationalize my efforts for what I am doing by telling myself that there are only 17 people at 44 W Main but there are 4,983 others who live here that I am trying to help who are also being hurt, some very much, and that justifies my actions but it dosen't make it easier for me to do it........ Please do not think of me as an attack dog that likes nothing better to do than shred other people up one side and down the other. I get no pleasure in what I am doing and I pray that the village will be dissolved so that I might get back to my life which is fairly defined on my peacehq website where the real John lives. "

   Here is what I received in return"

   "I agree with everything you are saying and if it makes you feel any better I struggle with the same thing. I stay up at night wondering if God will judge me for what I am doing. And I struggle with the innocent people that are unfortunately going to be the casualites. I pray everday for this issue and for God's strenght and guidance through it. I too want me life back where I'm not taking away time from my children."

   There are those in the Administration that I could not make recommedations for personally since the infractions they are guilty of are far beyond my ethics to be able to recommend them. However I would not deny any of them this service if someone else in the Village wanted to help them and sent me the information. If I could help them on a personal level such as donating to a fund established for their assistance and the like I would gladly do so.

   On last years website I supported the contract extension for all employees. If I recall I believe I said something to the effect that it was one of the few honorable things the powers to be have done during this issue. In a recent phone conversation with the Village Solicitor I told her something to the effect that I was confident that we would have enough votes to dissolve the Village and that I was concerned about the employees. I asked if Council could extend the contracts again and I was told that it was not possible since the dissolution had already been put on the ballot and they could no longer create this kind of debt.

   I have talked to others working at 44 W Main and offered my services in any way possible in order to assist the employees in their attempts to find new jobs.

   I have been thinking about this quite a lot lately since the day of the decision making is rapidly approaching. I came to the conclusion that as far as my personal contribution, I could create a web site that would contain the resumes of all employees as well as things like letters of recommendation, awards and the like. I could also include things such as a list that the employee would like to have a letter sent to as well as a copy of the letter that could be printed out at will. There are many things I could do to enhance these web pages. It would be an expanded on line resume that may just assist the individual in finding a new position.

   All the pages would have a feedback to the employee so that if anyone got a hit they would see it the next time they called up their info page.

   Do I know that this will help? No! But it is a skill that I have a lot of experience doing and it SURE CANíT HURT!

   Then, as I was envisioning this as perhaps a helpful tool to the employees, I REALIZED that there were 4,000 people living in Amelia, at least 1,400 families! They have to work somewhere! Some are in positions of authority! Who knows what we could do if we all banded together to help our brothers and sisters at 44 W Main!

   So this is an appeal to every resident of Amelia regardless of which side of the issue you are on! Please send me what ever idea you may have concerning how we can help these folks out and whether of not you can directly help by recommending them at your place of employment or other similar actions.


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