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We Would Lose Our Home!

   We tend to feel sorry for the workers at 44 W. Main and I discuss this in an article called "Let's Help Our Employees! Click here to view. But keep in mind that there are so few of them compared to the thousands of other Amelians who will be affected by the income tax.There are some that will be devastated by the imposition of the income tax. Whether you believe it or not I firmly believe it will happen. I present my opinions backed by evidence in an article called "Income/Earnings Tax Evidence Index " Click here to view.

   I received the following in an email recently and hurt very deeply!

   "If the tax passed we would lose our home. We have horribly been affected by the economy turn and are barely making ends meet. I also feel God would want us to stand up to the liars."

   This young women also conversed with me about her young children and other problems that were related to the Village Administration.
She needs to be considered too!

   Remember this! If we dissolve this unnessary level of government no one will lose their homes because of the decisions of the Village powers.


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