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Sink Into Oblivian - It Just Makes You Look Stupid!

   "If this village sinks into oblivian, ripples will be felt by many of Clermont County's 191,000 residents."

   The above was posted in Cincinnati.Com on March 16th, 2009 and this is what I think:

   First of all what ripples? If you are just going make unproven and careless statements like this we are not listening! So I ask you WHAT RIPPLES?

   Secondly the only way this Village will ever sink into oblivian is if the United States goes out of the Census Business which seems rather unlikey to me. That and through some freak of nature, kind of like the Bermuda Triangle stuff, we all suddenly and mysteriously lose our memory of... Hmmmm what was I thinking about? All kidding aside this is a topic of another article so let me get started with the list and I'm only going to list a few of those within range of Amelia so maybe you can identify them.

Cherry Grove
East Batavia Heights
Mount Carmel
Mount Holly
Mount Olive
Mount Pisgah
New Palistine
Olive Branch

   I'll bet you a dollar to a donut that at least most of you recognize Withamsville whose main street is named Ohio Pike not SR125!

   None of the above are villages, citys, towns, incorporated municipalities, etc. Have they "sunk into oblivian"? Of course not! Just as there are communities like you see above there will always be an Amelia just no 3 million a year for nothing we won't have from the Townships! If there are that many this close to Amelia just think of how many thousands of like communities who exist quite nicely in Townships like Batavia and Pierce. You sure don't see them rushing out to create a village do you?

   Exactly what is oblivian? Let's look by clicking here.

   My advise to the Adminstration and Wainscott is to stop playing the "we are going to lose our identity card". It just makes you look stupid.


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