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The Truth About Amelia's Adminstration, etc.

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Whose Fault Is It That We Are In This Situation?

My name is John M Toren and this is my opinion!

   The primary blame of course has to be given to the Administration for their actions, deceptions, the appearance of conflicts of interest, the appearance of cronyism and many other things that are not always illegal but are improper as far as I am concerned.

   The second biggest culprit is the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), which appears to be as antiquated as the Village form of government.

   When Villages first came into existence they were little more than neighbors getting together and making some decisions about what their local needs were. I canít remember exactly how many people were here in Amelia but the number that keeps coming back to me was 300 to 350 or thereabouts. Everybody knew everybody else in the Council sessions and everybody was allowed to speak their piece during the meetings. That my friends is what you call a Village.

   Back to the ORC. Letís suppose as an example that job positions such as the Village Administrator position, had to go through a process of being hired rather than appointed and then having the appointment approved by council. The way it should happen is the job position is put on public notice. The applicants are required to submit a resume showing their experience and qualifications. All applicants are interviewed by a committee set up for that specific purpose. What you and I would have to do to get a job unless of course we were a part of the Amelia Administration. I ask you now, do you think that Menz would be our Village Administrator if he had to go through what you and I have to go through to get a job? Allowing such important positions to be appointed is simply not right but according to the ORC itís ok! We need to try to get some of these laws changed!

   The third guilty party is US, me and you! When the threat letter arrived at our doors and the income tax was proposed we finally started doing what we should have been doing all along and that is attend Council meetings, have websites so that the information our residents receive isnít tainted by people who seem to be only interested in themselves and HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

   Get down to 44 W Main at 7:00PM the first and third Monday of each month! I DON'T CARE WHOSE SIDE YOU ARE ON! Be there and make your voice heard or you are going to get what you deserve which is more of what we have NOW!


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