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From the cowards who will not identify themselves. Just click the one you want.

tired of bs
Village Resident
Village Resident #2

I have had enough

From "tired of bs"

I have no idea what sender is talking about and apparently neither does the sender. Curt Hartman does not speak for me! He is not my lawyer! I have ten times as much dialog and communications with the Village Solicitor than I do with Curt Hartman. Curt happens to be a graduate of the United States Navel Academy and I believe with honors to boot! I respect him for his service!


Well you may be sure but I am not and neither are a lot of other people. This has happened before with Menz. Click here to read. Ellington was certainly involved it that one as well! If Ellington does not like it let him tell the newspaper to make it absolutely clear that he has no intention of taking the job! Then all he has to do is send me a feedback with a link to the article and I will amend the article accordingly!

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From "Village Resident"

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So now what do I now? Normally I would just throw it away but this time I want to make a point. Now don't get me wrong! There are a lot of GOOD people out there who for whatever reason don't want to dissolve the Village. To be perfectly honest with you, except for friends and family of those who are going to lose their jobs I can't for the life of me figure out why! The workers at 44 W Main have had a year renewal on their employment contracts and that is far more than the average person gets so if they haven't taken advantage of this opportunity well.....

The point I want to make is that as long as there are people like this person out there spreading what I would call THEIR FILTH they need to be rebutted. But I am not going to do it myself I am going to let others do it for me. I may comment as this goes along but the illustrations and opiniuons are someone elses.

As far as being Christian is concerned:

Christ is called the "Prince Of Peace"? I try the best I can to follow his teachings. I realize that I am a miserable failure but at least I try! Therefore would it not be Christian to support and work for peace? The next two illustrations are about a website I started seven years ago. It contains about 20,000 pictures, stories, essays, events and other such things that are directly related to peace and justice.

A Christmas present from those in our family who could make it for the picture. Some of them had to come a long ways to make it in this beautiful picture! We have family in Canada, Australia, Japan, Washington, Claifornia, Michigan, Massachusetts, Idaho, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, et al. Now some of you may call a lot of these wonderful children of our Creator extended family but that's not how we look at them!

Maybe I'll post a few more later. These are for the most part very recent and I do want to discuss the house that has been referred to which in the past was, at times, a homeless shelter,

From "Village Resident #2"

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