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Barker's Letter Is On The Village Website! Where Is Toren's?

   Just as I have been telling you all along! There are so many problems with the Village website they can't even begin to fix them. But they sure can find time to try to improve their position in the coming election, can't they! IT IS NOT GOING TO WORK!

   This is no more that a cheap shallow attempt at more deceptions! Don't fall for it!

   Barker's letter was not the first to bring this issue to the Village! It was mine! Click here to see for yourself!

   Did they bother to address mine? NO! Instead they chose to address the one that they believed could help them the most! I felt that my letter should be put on the website because I believed that they had created a public forum by posting someone's letter on their web site so I demanded that mine be put there in front of Barker's so anyone that went to the site could view an alternative! They said NO! They told me to bring it up in the public input element of the council meetings! Boy that's fairness for you!!!

   I felt cheated because all along I thought that the Union Township Fire/EMS department Station 52 was going to be staffed by 4 personnel!

   As I was gathering petitons some folks who worked at other fire departments, not local, told me that Station 52 was staffed by 2 people most of the time! It made me mad! I felt cheated and WE WERE CHEATED!!! Hundreds of thousands, NO millions of dollars and we don't even get the staffing they promised!!! I gathered the information, calculated the statistics and had a phone conversation with Assistant Chief Auffart who told me that the staffing was 2 most of the time. If you want to see the stats and you have Microsoft Excel just click here to view.

   The sheet show that there were 2.81 personnel manning the station for the year but during the last six months IT DROPPED to 2.6. It will probably get worse before it gets better because of the levy failure in Union Township!

   We have every right to feel cheated! We were! All I asked the Solicitor to do was look into it! Did I get a response? NO! Did I get my letter placed on the Village website? NO! Does Pam Barker or anyone else on the dissolve Amelia side want to hurt anyone or put them in danger! Ridiculous! But I'll tell you why my letter didn't make it! It didn't make them look good!


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