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Why I Am Not Going To Ellington's Meetings

   I have been informed that some people will vote to keep the village if the people who are working to dissolve the village donít show up at these meetings to counter Ellington. Now I cannot speak for the Dissolve Amelia Now organization so keep in mind this is just my opinion.

   Please take time now to read the agenda produced by the Village Council and Ellington which is just below. Keep in mind while you are reading it that it was sent home in the school kids weekly envelope! Our children are now couriers for Ellingtonís group! I find that absolutely revolting and intend to take it up with the school board!

   Please tell me where and how we respond to anyone let alone Ellington. What is there to respond to? This is a propaganda show, no more, no less. They are going to take an hour and forty five minutes showing you what the Village is made of and there will more than likely be no mention of the real issues.

   Is this a town meeting? Not by any standards.

   Does anyone get to comment or ask questions during their presentation. No!

   Does anyone get equal time to make a presentation? No!

   Are any of the real issues on their agenda? No!

   Is anyone guaranteed a voice in the public input segment which is only 20 minutes in duration? No!

   I recently asked a question during the public input segment in a council meeting. It took well over 20 minutes and I didnít even get an answer! I asked Ellington the question and he referred me to Laura Abrams for the answer. If you go to council meetings or email in questions you already understand that this is routine procedure for Ellington.

   So my question is during the 20 minutes exactly how many of those opposed will even get to say anything?

   For those in doubt just ask Ellington why the Village let Union Township get away with not meeting the staffing requirements since Station 52 opened. Over two years ago! For that matter ask the UT representative if he even knew what the staffing requirements stated in the contact Exhibit A even were! By the end of this contract we will have paid Union Township over 3 million dollars and they canít even meet their contracted staffing requirements or for that matter even know what they are! And neither did the Village and neither did Ellington! You ask him about it if you can even get a chance! Village or no Village this will likely end up in court. So far at least two people have called upon the Village to remedy this situation. I am one of them. To date they have done nothing that I know of and since I am one of the people involved they should have contacted me with any new information! Nothing!

   As for me I have heard it all before and it would simply be a waste of time to go to yet another Village propaganda meeting. They offer nothing that we will not have if we dissolve the Village. Nothing except eliminating the debt they create, the inept and pitiful jobs they attempt, the $2,748,684.80 they want to spend this year, the 9+ million they want to spend on their capital improvements projects, and of course the income tax they will have to impose to meet the needs of their plans!

   Since last September I personally have spent well over a thousand hours of research on the issues and the performance of the Village Administration and hundreds of dollars obtaining records. I have spent hundreds of hours maintaining a website that illustrates some of the things I have uncovered. I donít have time to do them all. If you are interested in the real issues and not just Village propaganda please visit . This website also allows anyone to express their opinion on anything they read. Unlike Ellington and his group everyone gets equal time, even Village officials! All they have to do is ask!

   For anyone to base their vote on who shows up at these totally unfair meetings saddens me greatly. Especially after so much effort has been put into uncovering what this Village Administration is really made of!

John M Toren
27 W Main St
Amelia, Ohio 45102
44 year resident.

For those of you who have friends and neighbors who do not have internet access I have included a pdf file containing the above text and picture. You can download it, print it and pass it along. Just click this line to view and save the document.


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