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Children Used As Political Couriers - Information Coming

   I had a very long and informative conversation with the Dr. Brooks the Superintendent of the West Clermont School system. We went over all the questions I had submitted. He provided me with answers to all those questions that I had asked and provided me with other information as well. There was no attempt to cover up anything and I greatly enjoyed our coversation. He explained to me that their established procedure was not followed. He told me that all people who received this flyer from the children will be notified not just by letter but by phone as well.

Neither side followed established procedure. Since there was so much information including the proper forms to fill out that Dr. Brooks told me that he would email all the necessary information so that I could post the ending article of this issue. The mistake will be made right. Perhaps not in the time frame that I would have liked but at least we know the truth of it! I will post the full story as soon as Dr. Brooks send me all the information.

There is a bright side. You will all learn how the school system works in regard to events held at the school, the procedures you can follow if you would need the school for an event, and the proper procedure for sending announcements home with the kids!

Another reason to vote YES on Issue 1 come May 5th!


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