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'COUNCIL MEMBER' Mitchell And His Repulsive Insult

   The keep Amelia children were giving out flyers and John Wolf, who is in favor of dissolution, had a flyer that he brought himself and was passing it out to anyone interested.

   When the Ellington performance part of the forum was over we went to Q&A.

   When Mr. Hurley defined the format of the Q&A he described it like the following:

   1 - Each person had one minute to ask the question

   2 - There should be no speeches just get to the question

   3 - He would have no trouble at all cutting anyone off

   4 - The question should be directed to the representatives that the person submitting the question wanted to have answer the question.

   The pretty much describes the rules.

   The folks who had the questions were to line up on his left side where most of the opposition was sitting so the first part of the line was filled with the yellow shirts. I thought it would have been more fair to have two lines with the proponents on each side of the argument in the same line. They would take turns so both sides would get equal opportunities. I guess equal opportunities is not what it was all about.

   The first in line to ask questions was Mitchell. He held the flyer that John Wolf had brought in over his head and yelled over something like "is this yours?" I thought he was directing his questions to the dissolve reps as he was supposed to do and I think everyone else did also because nobody answered him. He yelled it a little louder shaking the flyer over his head and this time someone yelled back "yes". Mitchel then crumpled it up and threw it back over his head on the floor! I don't know were we get people of this character but it just goes to show you how sick these Village governments can be! Then someone yelled at him to pick of his trash because he left it on the floor and of course he yelled back at the group "it's your trash, you pick it up."

   THIS IS ONE OF YOUR COUNCIL MEMBERS! Some child arrogant individual who doesn't care to follow the rules who only wants to show off his ability to insult everyone attending! And what is even more sickening is he had to have planned this out ahead of time!

   Just like most of the Administration our rules don't apply to them! They are council members and are too important to have to follow the rules! How in the world did we get this kind of people here in the first place and who would actually vote for a person like Mitchel!

   What did Hurley do! Nothing! He should have told Mitchel to address the question to the right people. Since he didn't do that he should have sent Mitchel to the end of the line because he already had asked a question which had absolutely nothing to do with the forum! Hurley didn't! Instead he let Mitchel go ahead with another question! I guess if your a council member you don't have to follow any rules! Hurley began the proccedings by saying he wouldn't allow personal attacks! What exactly was this repulsive act! It was a personal attack on every decent individual in the building!

   We should expect such behavior from Mitchel! After all this is the council member that was picked out of a picture lineup by the police last year when they were investigating him for a possible crime concerning the theft of petitions! Why don't you take the time to read about more of Mitchel's antics while you are here. Click and read The Mitchel Incident. It's been many months since I reported this to Ellington and he reported it to Solicitor Abrams and I never received a response! Typical of another Village cover-up wouldn't you say?

   Where was the Amelia Police Officer from last week when you need one. He could have approached Mitchel and said what he said to that group of ladies last week and instead of his adjective being just a nasty insult it would have been the truth! At last some truth! Please click and read "What Did You Think You Accomplished Here Tonight Besides Making An Ass Out Of Yourself?". Far more appropriate for Mitchel than the ladies don't you think!

   If any of your children behaved like Mitchel they would probably be grounded for a month! Well we need to take people like this, who are a disgrace to their Village, and tell them to take their baseball bat and go home because we would rather not play than to have to put up with the likes of them! Vote yes on issue one and you will never have to see Mitchel again! And the rest of them as well!


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