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The Truth About Amelia's Adminstration, etc.
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I have been asked to provide a list of all the articles grouping them either by alphabet or by group. I decided to do the grouping first and then if I have time I will go back and do the entire set of articles by alphabet, This will take some time due to the necessity of continuing the articles so just keep looking because the list will grow some each day. Thanks for your patience.

Amelia The Village Adminstration Department, What It Costs You! 02/10/2009
Amelia The Village Amelia Parks, Seasonal Recreation Facilities At Best! 04/15/2009
Amelia The Village Are People Who Rent In Amelia Taking Advantage Of Us? 02/24/2009
Amelia The Village Are We Going To Lose Our Kinship? 02/25/2009
Amelia The Village Brunsman, Trainer For The Village Or Reporter? 04/05/2009
Amelia The Village Can The Village Get Any Lower Than It Is Now? 04/03/2009
Amelia The Village Children Used As Political Couriers By "Rogue Employee" 04/20/2009
Amelia The Village Children Used As Political Couriers - Information Coming 04/21/2009
Amelia The Village 'COUNCIL MEMBER' Mitchell And His Repulsive Insult, Update - 04/30/2009 04/30/2009
Amelia The Village Ellington's TV Performance On Sunday April 19th - My Take 04/30/2009
Amelia The Village Fact Sheet, High Road - Your Joking Right? 03/14/2009
Amelia The Village Feedbacks From Derrick Campbell 04/06/2009
Amelia The Village Finally Someone Noticed Our Main Street Sidewalk Mess 03/19/2009
Amelia The Village Hey Veterans, This Is What They Think Of Our Flag! 03/03/2009
Amelia The Village If Village Democracy Works This Way It Is Not Just Our Right But It Is Our Duty To Dissolve! 05/20/2009
Amelia The Village Keep Amelia Web Site - An Invitation To 04/26/2009
Amelia The Village Keep Amelia Web Site - Fantasies Of The Desperate! 04/25/2009
Amelia The Village Keep Amelia Web Site - How Many Lies Do You Need From Just One Page! 04/27/2009
Amelia The Village Keep Amelia Web Site - Let's Add Some More To Our Rich History! 04/26/2009
Amelia The Village Keep Amelia Web Site - Lies, Imposing The 1% Tax, Waste Collection, Shortfall 04/26/2009
Amelia The Village Keep Amelia Web Site - Lies, Improvements, Mandates, Costs 04/26/2009
Amelia The Village Keep Amelia Web Site - Lies, Mandates And Slander! 04/26/2009
Amelia The Village Keep Amelia Web Site - Lies, ODOT, Costs, Impose The Tax 04/26/2009
Amelia The Village Keep Amelia Web Site - Lies, WHY IS ISSUE ONE ON THE BALLOT? 04/28/2009
Amelia The Village Keep Amelia Web Site - Lies & Hypocrisy, Income Tax 04/26/2009
Amelia The Village Keep Amelia Web Site - The Moon Is Made Of Green Cheese! 04/25/2009
Amelia The Village Mayor's Pay - $8,400 to $5,000 to $8,400 in 10 Days 03/02/2009
Amelia The Village Molly Parker - "She Left The Front Of The Room And Stormed Over To Me Yelling And Screaming" 04/28/2009
Amelia The Village People Make Places, Places Do Not Make People! 04/20/2009
Amelia The Village Questions For Amelia Elementary And The School Board 04/20/2009
Amelia The Village Shank Park - A Feedback With A Lot Of Issues 04/15/2009
Amelia The Village Town Hall Meeting Of April 21st, 2008 - Listen To The Recording 04/23/2009
Amelia The Village Veterans Take Note Of The Village Disgrace - Feedback From A Disabled Veteran! 04/14/2009
Amelia The Village What Part Did 44 W Main Play In The Children's Wednesday Packet Misuse! 04/24/2009
Amelia The Village We Are Providing You This Service(LOL) 02/25/2009
Amelia The Village What Town Hall Meetings In Amelia? 04/15/2009
Amelia The Village Which Lie, Falsehood, Ignorant Statement, Et Al, Do You Want To Believe? 04/03/2009
Amelia The Village Will You Lose Your Identity And Closeness? 02/25/2009
Budget Budget Appropriations Since The Menz Era Started 02/22/2009
Council Email Addresses, Where Did Council's Go? 03/18/2009
Council Even The Village Powers To Be Don't Trust Their Council!! 03/25/2009
Council Mr. Rosser, Questions About The Pond Issue, Part I 03/30/2009
Council Questions For Council Concerning The Union Township Fire/EMS Contract 03/25/2009
Council Series Of Debates Pro And Con For Dissolution Of The Village 03/19/2009
Debt $3,700,00.00 Debt According to Ellington, The 02/24/2009
Debt $3,700,00.00 Debt According to Menz, The 02/23/2009
Debt Back To The $600,000.00 Political Positioning Lie! 04/05/2009
Debt Current Debt, What Is The ? - Updated 03/03/2009 02/26/2009
Debt Huge Debts Coming Unless We Dissolve 02/22/2009
Debt No One Knows What The Debt Is! 02/25/2009
Debt Number Of Contracts For Our Debt 03/02/2009
Debt Ramifications Letter of August 11th, 2008, Debt On The 02/23/2009
Debt Rumpke Debt On The Letter Of August 11th,2008 02/22/2009
Debt Rumpke's New Contract - Good News But.... 03/18/2009
Definitions Census-Designated Place, What Is A ? 03/17/2009
Definitions Conflict Of Interest,What Is A ? 03/11/2009
Definitions Cronyism, What Is It? 03/15/2009
Definitions Electoral Fraud, What Is it? 03/15/2009
Definitions Jounralistic Ethics, What Are They? 04/05/2009
Definitions Liquidated Damages, What Are They? 03/18/2009
Definitions Oblivian, What Is It? 03/16/2009
Definitions Ramification, What Is A 02/22/2009
Definitions Town Hall Meetings, What Are They? 04/15/2009
Ellington Can You Really Believe Anything Ellington Says? 04/08/2009
Ellington Ellington, Can He Ever Give A Straight Answer? 04/01/2009
Ellington Ellington Accuses Someone Else Of "Political Positioning, I Am Not Joking - " 04/04/2009
Ellington Ellington Considers Replacing The Adminstrator's Position! 03/20/2009
Ellington Ellington Requests A Meeting With Pam Barker - The Outcome! 04/13/2009
Ellington Ellington's Forum - My First Six Questions - The Mitchell Incident! 04/13/2009
Ellington Remove Ellington As Village Mayor Immediately 03/16/2009
Ellington Town Hall Style Meetings, Just Another Broken Promise! 03/04/2009
Ellington Typical Of Ellington - My Tax Bill Went Down! 03/11/2009
Ellington Village Administration - Getting Calls To Remove Signatures 03/12/2009
Ellington Why The E-Funk Band? - Conflict Of Interest And The Truth, Update - 03/14/2009 03/11/2009
Errors $12,500.00 plus $500.00 = $12,500.00 02/23/2009
Errors ORC Reference On Ramifications Letter Incorrect 02/23/2009
Feedbacks From Melita Ellington - Updated 03/10/2009 03/07/2009
Humor Council And The Who Concert - Time For Some Humor! 03/14/2009
Humor Sometimes I Just Can't Believe What I Read, LOL! 03/21/2009
Income Tax 1% Earnings Tax Passed On Ordinance O-2008-44? 03/12/2009
Income Tax Amelia Revenue Service, Whose Going To Run The ? 03/10/2009
Income Tax Another Revenue Service At 44 W Main! 03/02/2009
Income Tax Batavia Township, Limited Home Rule And The Income Tax 03/28/2009
Income Tax Income Tax Is Not Going Away 02/22/2009
Income Tax Income/Earnings Tax Evidence Index 03/15/2009
Income Tax Small Business Really Needs To Read This! 02/22/2009
Income Tax We Lose Another Right To Choose! 02/26/2009
Income Tax We Would Lose Our Home! 03/15/2009
Income Tax Who Else In The Administration Wants The Income Tax? 03/12/2009
Information, General AMELIA WILL NOT LOSE IT'S IDENTITY! 03/21/2009
Information, General Attorney Privileged, Checking To Make Sure 04/11/2009
Information, General Ordinances, How To Obtain Them 03/09/2009
Information, General Police Officer Daily Report Statistics For 2008 03/04/2009
Information, General Recording The Council Meetings 03/02/2009
Information, General Sedona Ridge Retention Pond, More Information 04/08/2009
Information, General Structures Being Removed On SR125 03/01/2009
Information, General Village Assets, Value Of 03/09/2009
John "C" Hey John "C" Pierce & Batavia Townships Both Have Easter Egg Hunts! 03/04/2009
John "C" John "C" Turns Christmas Parade Into A Political Forum! 03/03/2009
Menz Call For Administrator Menz's Immediate Resignation 03/15/2009
Menz Menz And The Pond 02/22/2009
Menz Menz, How he got the job 02/22/2009
Menz Menz Says "the earnings tax will help go a long way" 03/05/2009
Menz Menz Sends False Information To The Pierce Township Administrator 03/15/2009
Menz Menz To Rosser - It Makes Sense To Raise The Doubt! 003/09/2009
Menz Should We Have A Full Time Administrator? 03/02/2009
Menz Sink Into Oblivian - It Just Makes You Look Stupid! 03/17/2009
Pierce Township Pierce Township And Zoning 03/18/2009
Pierce Township Pierce Township Or Amelia Village? - as of 03/20/2009 03/21/2009
Police Department Clermont County Sheriff's Department - Disbanding Of Amelia, Preliminary Report 04/02/2009
Police Department Clermont County Sheriffs Protect And Serve Amelia Already 03/05/2009
Police Department Clermont County's Special Response Team, Good To Have Such A Powerful Service 04/03/2009
Police Department Here We Go Again Only This Time It's The Police 03/18/2009
Police Department Police Patrols, Another Issue Of Truth 03/22/2009
Police Department Red Light Running, The Most Ridiculous Police Department Statistic! 04/02/2009
Police Department Senior Visitation Services, Compliments Of The Clermont County Sheriffs 04/03/2009
Police Department "What Did You Think You Accomplished Here Tonight Besides Making An Ass Out Of Yourself?" 04/22/2009
Police Department What Is Wrong With The Third Email? 03/22/2009 A Time To Pause And Reflect 03/17/2009 Cincinnati.Com, How To Find Articles On 04/04/2009 COAST Endorses Effort To Dissolve! 03/08/2009 From Now On A Threat Letter! 02/24/2009 Let's Help Our Employees! 03/15/2009 Sequence Of These Postings, The 02/26/2009 What Honorable People Do - Dr. Gary Brooks, Superintendent, West Clermont School District 04/23/2009 Whose Fault Is It That We Are In This Situation? 03/17/2009
Union Township "American Arbitration Association" - Union Township Fire/EMS Contract 04/09/2009
Union Township Arbitration Or Mediation? - Union Township Fire/EMS Contract 04/11/2009
Union Township Barker's Letter Is On The Village Website! Where Is Toren's? 03/24/2009
Union Township Barker's Response To The Letter On Village Website 04/01/2009
Union Township Breach Of Contract By Union Township Fire/EMS Department? 03/12/2009
Union Township Does The New ISO Rating Reduce Your Insurance Preimums? 02/23/2009
Union Township Mediation Disputants - Union Township Fire/EMS Contract 04/11/2009
Union Township Oral Amendments To The Union Township Contract, Maybe An Answer? 03/20/2009
Union Township Technical Violation On The Union Township Fire/EMS Contract? 04/01/2009
Union Township Toren's Letter, Part I. Totally Ignored To Make Them Look Good! 03/25/2009
Union Township Toren's Letter, Part II. Totally Ignored To Make Them Look Good! 03/30/2009
Union Township Union Township Oral Agreement Staffing Change Status 04/01/2009
Union Township Union Township Staffing Levels Fall More In The First Quarter 04/24/2009
Union Township Union Township The Lowest And Best Or The Highest And Worst? 04/13/2009
Union Township What will happen if the Union Township levy fails? - Updated 02/07/2009 02/08/2009
Union Township Would Barker Actually Want To Put Someone In Danger? 03/25/2009
Wainscott Wainscott Sends Amelia Businesses A Threat Letter! 03/08/2009
Website D Day On Ordinance Web Slop! 03/18/2009
Website Finally, I Am Not The Only One! 03/19/2009
Website Website, Another Voice Heard From 03/22/2009
Website Website - Your New And Improved Webslop, oops sorry, Website, My Opinion 02/06/2009


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